Review by Blake A. Magner, Civil War News

This is a historical novel based on two real characters, William Prentiss and his brother Clifton, who chose different sides during the Civil War, William going with the South and Clifton remaining loyal to the Union.

Being from Baltimore the brothers both joined Maryland regiments and they were occasionally serving their regiments in the same battle. They did not meet in any battle until Grant’s last push on Petersburg in April 1865, where both were mortally wounded within yards of each other and taken to the same hospital.

The book has the usual cast of characters for the two major armies in the Eastern Theater. Popping in and out are also family members and friends, one of whom, Hetty, became a staunch Rebel sympathizer smuggling needed supplies across army lines.

Walt Whitman, poet and Civil War nurse, acts as a storyteller throughout the book as he tells Clifton and a third brother about William’s military life and struggles.

Many stories and tales work their way into the book which are fun to read. The volume is well-written with no curse words or gratuitous sex. There are a few mistakes in fact and spelling that can be irritating but do not detract from the overall story. For some light reading where you don’t have to think too hard I would recommend this book.