Excerpts of Reviews for
Two Brothers: One North, One South
by David H. Jones

With a diligent handling of the primary sources and a creative approach, David Jones has crafted a fine story of Maryland brothers who are Civil War soldiers, one in blue the other in gray.Rea Andrew Redd, Associate Professor, Waynesburg University, Interim Director of Eberly Library, Adjunct instructor in U.S. history

The now-stilted language of the nineteenth century is reproduced in the novel with care; to his credit, Jones does not follow Michael Shaara in updating the verbiage of the war’s participants. Nor does Jones condescend to the past when describing the beliefs and motivations of his characters, no matter how outdated or wrongheaded those beliefs may seem to modern readers. In these respects, the novel adheres to historical fact – even if it does sometimes shade into Southern apologia. I can recommend David H. Jones’s Two Brothers to readers new to Civil War fiction and to those for whom the story of the war – no matter how familiar – bears repeating. Both groups will find profit in the book, less for its portrait of Whitman than for its attention to what the poet-nurse treasured above all else: the humanity that both shaped and cursed America’s most costly war.Craig A. Warren, Assistant Professor of English & Professional Writing, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Penn State Erie

. . . a highly dramatic and original storyline . . . meticulously researched for maximum believability. The characters in Two Brothers read very real, because they are . . . a wonderful read that will appeal to history buffs on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line.Michael Aubrecht, Historian & Author, Pinstripe Press

A Civil War Novel Out of the Ordinary  . . . a novel firmly based upon fact and not merely melodramatic invention.Bruce Trinque, Civil War Writer

What I liked most about this book is that it didn’t read like a boring history book. I’ve come across so many historical fiction novels that put too much emphasis on history and not enough on fiction. They attempt to write nonfiction disguised as fiction. In this case, “Two Brothers” is the perfect balance. There’s action and dialogue. The history is there, but you can tell that you’re reading fiction.Kathleen’s Book Reviews

Jones paints an eerily accurate portrait that spans four years in the midst of America’s costliest and most commemorated war.Long Island Press

Unforgettable characters . . . well worth investing the time to read it. Civil War buffs and anyone interested in the history of our great country, and what helped to mold it into what it is today, will relish this book . . .Beverly J. Rowe, MyShelf.Com

A rarity! Good historical fiction!  . . . Eminently readable with a good flow and timing . . . Unforgettable characters . . . well worth a leisurely read . . .Scott L. Mingus, Sr., Charge! ACW Gaming Newsletter

Jones makes good use of this source material, crafting a novel with strong appeal for military history buffs.Nanette Donohue, Historical Novel Society

The ‘brother versus brother’ theme in American Civil War fiction is by no means new, but David H. Jones breathes new life into it . . . Jones’s characters are real-life Civil War soldiers who fought on opposing sides . . . Jones hit a gold mine when he discovered this family of Union and Confederate soldiers for his story.Jill Celeste, Curled Up With A Good Book

If you are a Civil War buff, make room on your shelf for this one; if you love history, you don’t want to miss this one and if you love an incredibly moving story indulge yourself by reading Two Brothers: One North, One South.Diane Snyder, Armchair Interviews

. . . a highly charged emotional rendering. We rated this touching novel five hearts.Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

… Jones expertly tells the tale of a Maryland family driven apart by the Civil War.” The author does a masterful job of taking the historical characters and events and filling in the gaps in the historic timeline with completely believable events.Rob Ballister, Author of God Does Have A Sense of Humor

Rarely have I read a book as powerful as Two Brothers. David Jones has done a masterful job with this book.Simon Barrett, Senior Editor, Book Reviews, Blogger News Network

Many stories and tales work their way into the book which are fun to read. The volume is well-written with no curse words or gratuitous sex.Blake A. Magner, Civil War News

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