The Null/Noll Family

of Chester County, Pennsylvania


Johann Henrich Noll arrived in Philadelphia on the 7th of September 1748 aboard the sailing ship Hampshire (Strassburger, 1: 373-375, List 118 A, B, C). Frantz Noll is listed next to Henrich on the passenger list of the Hampshire and is probably his father. “German Settler’s of Pennsylvania” by Hocker, p. 53- Sower’s Newspaper – “Frantz Noll, Little Conewago, York County, advertises that his horse was taken on the road by Sebastian May, who formerly taught school in Lancaster County at Mr. Doerr’s. He offers £ 3 reward for the return of the horse.” Johann Henrich (Dr. John Henry Noll) first settled in York County near his father, but later resided in Bart Township, Lancaster County where he married Barbara Quickel. He died before 20 March 1805, and the inventory of his estate included “sundry medicine and shop furniture and sundry surgens instruments” as well as farm equipment and livestock.

My grandmother, Pauline Null Henderson, could not find the necessary documentation to connect her grandfather, David Null, back to Dr. John Henry Null of Bart Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, although she was quite certain that her family was descended from Dr. Null. One of my primary goals in genealogy has been to complete this task for her and I now believe that I am one step closer to this achievement. Here is what led me to this interesting discovery.

In one of Granny’s pencil written notes to herself she wrote . . . ” what do you remember about your father’s people ?

Katherine ^ Dickerson
Eliza Schultz (with a line drawn up above David)

In an Internet resource for items published in early Pennsylvania newspapers I found this nice tidbit:

VILLAGE RECORD – April 9, 1850

Death Notice at her son-in-law, John Dickerson, in East Bradford, on the 18th ult., CHRISTIANA NULL, in the 82d year of her age.”

I then checked the 1850 Federal Census and found this verifying data:

1850 (enumerated 27 August 1850) Census, East Bradford, Chester County, page 229

  • John Dickerson 49 Hotel keeper PA
  • Catherine 39
  • Abner 18
  • Christiana 16
  • Julia A. 14
  • Jane 12
  • John 10
  • Ablin L. 2

The names of the husband and wife confirm the data in Granny’s note; the fact that there is a 16 year old granddaughter who had been named for the recently deceased grandmother is also good evidence.


So now we know that David, Catherine and perhaps Jacob, Eliza(beth) and George, were the children of Christiana Null. We also now know that Christiana Null was born in 1768, which would make her a contemporary of Dr. John Henry Null’s several sons. It had been thought by a Lancaster County genealogist working for Granny in the 1940’s that David Null was most likely the great grandson of Dr. Null of Bart Township. I now believe that David Null was the grandson of Dr. Null whose son George is the most likely candidate to be David’s father. Of course, this relationship must be confirmed by a will or other legal document in which the names are given.

George Noll married Christina (Christiana?) Giessinger on 15 March 1790 and their son Jacob was baptized 2 December 1793. My grandmother had noted a possibility that George Noll was the father of her grandfather David as he named his first son George. At this point it is conjecture, but I think that she was right.

Dr. John Henry Noll married Maria Barbara Quickel, the daughter of Hans Georg Quickel and Anna Maria Zubrodt, about 1751 and their children were Elisabeth, Henry Jr., John, Joseph, Catherine, George, Benoni, Maria, Barbara and Susanna.


John Noll was a very fine maker of flintlock Pennsylvania long rifles and his work is photographically recorded in the book “Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in its Golden Age” by Joe Kindig, Jr.

John Noll Rifle
The pictures above are photographs from Kindig’s book of an original rifle made by John Noll and served as the inspiration for a modern version that I had made for me by Gary Casteel, the gunsmith at Prickett’s Fort in 1976. I have successfully hunted with this beautifully balanced rifle a number of times and it is among my most highly prized possessions. John Noll was a brother to the George Noll that I believe is my direct ancestor.


Federal Census Data

1850 Census Lancaster County, Sadsbury Township, page 15

  • David Null 47 millwright PA
  • Emeline 37
  • George 8
  • William B. 3
  • Clarkson Allison 17 millwright

1860 Census Lancaster County, Sadsbury Township, page 642

  • David Null 56 millwright PA
  • Emeline 46
  • George 17
  • Ashmore 8
  • George Allison 58 laborer
  • Anna 52

While David and Emily Null were not enumerated in the 1870 Federal Census, they are listed in the 1870 Lancaster County Directory as living in Christiana, Lancaster County. In 1874, they are listed as living in Penningtonville (Atglen), Chester County. By 1884 David Null is listed as being a millwright in Christiana. Atglen and Christiana are situated in close proximity on either side of the border between Lancaster and Chester Counties.


The Lineage

1. Johann Frantz NOLL – b. abt. 1702 The Palatinate – d. abt. 1771 York Cnty, PA

2. Dr. John Henry NOLL – b. abt. 1728 The Palatinate – d. abt. 1805 Lancaster Cnty, PA – m. Maria Barbara QUICKEL

3. George NOLL- b. abt. 1759 – m. Christina GIESSINGER

4. David NULL- b. abt 1803 Lancaster Cnty, PA – d. abt 1887 – m. Emeline ALLISON – b. abt 1813 PA – d. abt 1894

5. Ashmore Pusey NULL – b. 16 May 1852 Lancaster Cnty, PA – d. 8 Jul 1940 Fairmont, WV – m. Laura Ellen McCARTER – b. 6 Jul 1860 Chester Cnty, PA – d. 28 Sep 1942 Fairmont, WV

6. Ivy Pauline NULL – b. 26 Nov 1885 Christiana, PA – d. Mar 1969 Fairmont, WV – m. Edward Foster HENDERSON – b. 16 Oct 1881 Pocomoke City, MD – d. 20 May 1944 Fairmont, WV

7. Laura Jane HENDERSON – b. 3 Jan 1915 Fairmont, WV – d. 12 Oct 1986 – m. Edward C. JONES, Jr. – b. 6 Mar 1899 Hambleton, WV – d. 31 Dec 1978 Sarasota, FL

8. David Henderson JONES, Sr. – m. Mary Thelma MAY

9. David Henderson JONES, Jr.


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