The Kidd Family

of Cecil County, Maryland


Excerpt From the book Jones, Richardson, Duhamel and Allied Families of Maryland by Laura Jones Thompson:

The Kidd family originated in Scotland and migrated to Northern Ireland in the “Cromwellian Settlement”. Andrew Kidd came to America from County Tyrone, near Londonderry, with his wife, Martha Taylor and their first son John. They first settled in New Castle, Delaware in 1754, later moving to Cecil County, Maryland, where his record is very complete. The Kidd Families are of Scotch blood. The majority of them, including Andrew Kidd, are known in the United States as the Scotch-Irish race and played a very important role in peopling this country,

In 1641, due to the Catholic uprising in Ireland, a wholesale massacre of Protestants began, followed by nine years of prolonged confusion and bloodshed. It ended in an almost complete extinction of Protestantism, and English interests.

March 15, 1649, Oliver Cromwell of the High Court of England was put in supreme command of Ireland. He was guided by the maxim of James 1st, King of England – “Plant Ireland with Puritans, root out papists, and then secure it”. With 15, 000 men and nine months of slaughter of all who resisted him , he overthrew James Butler, first Duke of Armanch, then head of the Irish Royalists.

Following the complete ascendancy of Protestantism, Cromwell established the Cromwellian Settlement, involving immense tracts of land in provinces of Ulster, Leinster, and Iviunster. Land owners of Irish birth were removed into Connaught. This dispossessed land was offered free to English settlers of Protestant faith. The Scotch availed themselves of this opportunity and large numbers settled in northern Ireland. Subsequent uprisings made immigration to America desirable – thus the Scotch-Irish.”


The Lineage

1. Andrew KIDD, Sr. – b. County Tyrone, Ireland – d. abt 1790 Cecil Cnty, MD – m. Martha TAYLOR

2. James KIDD – b. 1768 – d. 29 Dec 1813 Cecil Cnty, MD – m. 27 Jun 1797 Rebecca LYON – b. 6 Jul 1779 – d. 29 Aug 1858

3. Rebecca Ann KIDD – b. 5 Nov 1803 Cecil Cnty, MD – d. 19 Mar 1855 – m. Hugh JONES – b. 23 Dec 1791 Baltimore Cnty, MD – d. 1 Mar 1864

4. Hugh Andrew JONES – b. 22 Nov 1842 – d. 21 May 1910 Harford Cnty, MD – m. Cornelia Alice TOUCHSTONE – b. 27 Feb 1845 – d. 7 Aug 1907 Harford Cnty, MD

5. Edward Clifford JONES, Sr. – b. 10 Nov 1872 – d. 12 Sep 1939 Fairmont, WV – m. Mary (Mollie) Florede ECKESS – b. 4 Jul 1875 Rock Cave, WV – d. 12 Jan 1933 Stuart, FL

6. Edward C. JONES Jr. – b. 6 Mar 1899 Tucker Hambleton, WV – d. 31 Dec 1978 Sarasota, FL – m. Laura Jane HENDERSON – b. 3 Jan 1915 Fairmont, WV – d. 12 Oct 1986 Fairmont, WV

7. David Henderson JONES – m. Mary Thelma MAY

8. David Henderson JONES Jr.


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