The Jones Family

of Harford County, Maryland


Amos Jones served in Captain John Taylor’s Company No. 7 of the Harford County Militia during the American Revolution. His gravesite was found in 1977 after a diligent search by Joseph Carroll Hopkins, a descendent. Thereafter, the DAR Harford Town Chapter restored the Jones Cemetery and, at a ceremony held on September 12, 1981, placed a DAR marker beside the tombstone of Amos Jones.

Below are two pictures of the Jones family homestead, Grey Rock Farm, built during the early 1830’s by Hugh Jones, the son of Amos. For a number of years the house was abandoned after it passed out of the family, but I am happy to say that it was fully restored during the late 1970’s.

Grey Rock Farm at Castleton, Harford County, MarylandRestored Grey Rock Farm at Castleton, Harford County, Maryland

Grey Rock Farm at Castleton, Harford County, Maryland

This house and farm was built on land including Maiden’s Mount” and “Paradise” that Hugh Jones acquired from John Lewin, Jr. in 1825. “. According to Fred C. Jones, the house was built between about 1831 and 1833 by Hugh Jones. Here is the description of the house from the book “Recollections” written by Edward C. Jones, Sr., who was born there:

“Grandfather Jones, being a good millwright, designed and built the house which was destined to be his permanent residence. He lived in it until his death in 1864. The house is built of excellent granite and sand stone, all of which was quarried from the river hill on the back of the farm overlooking the Susquehanna River. All walls are about two feet thick, with large chimneys and fire places equipped with cranes and andirons. All wood work was done by hand; closets, windows, stairways, and all. Even today it is quite a comfortable house, though my brother Fred, who has lived there all his life, has modernized it during recent years by putting in electric light, and good furnace heat. The house has seven bedrooms, some of which are rather small, four living rooms, an out kitchen down stairs, a basement under all the house, and three porches. A wonderful spring of pure cold water is located about one hundred yards north of the house in a clump of sycamore trees. There are some three or four feet of fall from the spring to the house, making it possible to bring the water by pipe line to the kitchen door, where a large trough receives it, with a drain underground carrying off the overflow. This constant stream of excellent water, piped in by my grandfather, is still running and is in good condition.”


Grandfather Jones, in his book “Recollections” , noted that the Jones Farm stretched a half mile along the Susquehanna River and speculated about the first inhabitants of this land.

“It was here that the famous Susquehannox tribe of Indians hunted their game and fished in the great waters of the river for so many years. Many were the arrow heads of flint, some of which I have in my possession, as well as Indian axes which we found in the fields, giving evidence of their habitation there.”

Arrowheads from the Jones Farm
Arrowheads from the Jones Farm


Another Mystery Solved

In family tradition and in the Laura Jones Thompson book there was confusion about whether or not Amos Jones had a second wife named Nancy because of the repeated references to his beloved wife Nancy in his last will and testament. With the help of two Harford County researchers, we have come to the conclusion that Ann and Nancy were one and the same wife. The misunderstood central issues were that Ann Lewin was the widow of John Lewin, Sr. (and not his daughter as was previously thought) and that her nickname must have been Nancy. All collateral evidence seems to support these notions. Fred C. Jones had recalled in a letter (1933) hearing from his father (Hugh Andrew Jones) that Grey Rock Farm was build by Hugh Jones on land purchased from Hugh’s half-brother Johnny Lewin and that has turned out to be true. However, it was also thought that Amos Jones had been married twice. Instead it was Ann/Nancy who was married twice and two children from her first marriage, John Lewin, Jr. and Sarah Lewin, were both raised as part of the Jones family and remembered in the last will and testament of Amos Jones.


The Lineage

1. Amos JONES – b. 23 Jul 1754 – d. 12 Sep 1827 m. Anne LEWIN – b. abt 1755 – d. 06 Feb 1850

2. Hugh JONES – b. 23 Dec 1791 Baltimore Cnty, MD – d. 1 Mar 1864- m. Rebecca Ann KIDD – b. 5 Nov 1803 Cecil Cnty, MD – d. 19 Mar 1855

3. Hugh Andrew JONES – b. 22 Nov 1842 – d. 21 May 1910 Harford Cnty, MD – m. Cornelia A. TOUCHSTONE – b. 27 Feb 1845 – d. 07 Aug 1907 Harford Cnty, MD

4. Edward Clifford JONES, Sr. – b. 10 Nov 1872 – d. 12 Sep 1939 Fairmont, WV- m. Mary (Mollie) Florede ECKESS – b. 04 Jul 1875 Rock Cave, WV – d. 12 Jan 1933 Stuart, FL

5. Edward Clifford JONES, Jr. – b. 06 Mar 1899 – d. 31 Dec 1978 Sarasota, FL – m. Laura Jane HENDERSON – b. 03 Jan 1915 Fairmont, WV – d. 12 October 1986 Fairmont, WV

6. David Henderson JONES, Sr. – m. Mary Thelma MAY

7. David Henderson JONES, Jr.