The Houston Family

of Worcester County, Maryland


Robert R. Houston (pronounced “Hows-ton” on the Eastern Shore) was the original immigrant to America of this family. The Houston family has a WFT lineage that goes back to Hugh De Padvinau, who was born in France in the early 1200’s and died in Kilpeter, Strathgrief, Scotland.

I now have the evidence that Elizabeth Houston Henderson was the daughter of William Jarman Houston and Sally Chaille, who was the daughter of Moses and Martha Purnell Chaille (pronounced “Shy-Yea” in French). The Chaille family were merchants in Boston and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, finally settling in Pocomoke Hundred of Somerset (later Worcester)County about 1731.


Houston’s serving in the Worcester County Militia
During the Revolutionary War

(From The Maryland Militia In The Revolutionary War by S. Eugene Clements and F. Edward Wright – Militia Lists of Daus. Of Founders and Patriots, held by Maryland. Historical Society)

Captain Layfield’s Company, Wicomico Battalion, 1780

Joseph Houston (Sergt.)

James Houston

Levi Houston

Captain Purnell’s Company, Sinepuxen Battalion, 1780

Ralph Houston


The Lineage

1. Robert R. HOUSTON – b. abt 1633 Scotland – d. abt 1693 Somerset Cnty, MD – m. Grace BENSON

2. John HOUSTON – b. 2 Feb 1667 Somerset Cnty, MD – m. Betty NEWBOLD

3. James HOUSTON – d. Abt 1772 – m. Mary LAYFIELD


5. Joseph HOUSTON Sr. – d. Aug 1819 – m. Sarah BOSTON

6. William Jarman HOUSTON – d. May 1829 – m. Sally CHAILLE

7. Elizabeth H. HOUSTON – b. abt 1807 – d. bef 1860 Worcester Cnty, MD – m. John HENDERSON – b. abt 1805 – d. Dec. 1881 Worcester Cnty, MD

8. Julius E. HENDERSON – b. May 1846 Worcester Cnty, MD – m. Emma D. FOSTER – b. Oct 1857 Worcester Cnty, MD

9. Edward Foster HENDERSON – b. 16 Oct 1881 Pocomoke City, MD d. 20 May 1944 Fairmont, WV – m. Ivy Pauline NULL – b. 26 Nov 1885 Christiania, PA – d. Mar 1969 Fairmont, WV

10. Laura Jane HENDERSON – b. 3 Jan 1915 Fairmont, WV – d. 12 Oct 1986 Fairmont, WV – m. Edward C. JONES Jr. – b. 6 Mar 1899 Hambleton, WV – d. 31 Dec 1978 Sarasota, FL

11. David Henderson JONES – m. Mary Thelma MAY

12. David Henderson JONES Jr.


Houston Family Genealogy Reports

William J. Houston

Elizabeth H. Houston


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