The Eckes/Eckess Family

of Lewis County, (West) Virginia


Researching the Eckes family has become a united effort by a group of far flung Eckes family members who became acquainted on the Internet and have been sharing information and coordinating joint research over the past year. I have had the pleasure of meeting Bill Eckess, also living in Southern California, and we have made several forays to the National Archives seeking information on our ancestors. Bill has recently completed researching LDS microfilms of church records from Wallhausen and has identified our linage back to 1624. Details are shown in the Family Genealogy Reports accessed below.

Another major challenge of our research is to document the original migration of the Eckes family from Germany to America. The Eckes family evidently originated in the area of Wallhausen and Bingen on the Rhine River in what was Hesse-Darmstadt. According to family tradition, Jacob Eckes arrived in America when he was about seventeen years old (about 1826).

Jacob Eckes married Mary Catherine Bischler on 19 Oct 1840 in Frederick County, Maryland. Their first son, George Peter, was born in Maryland in 1841 and the second son, Jacob C. Eckes, was born 15 Sep 1842 in Lewis County, Virginia indicating the time period of the family movement westward.

As shown in the 1850 and 1860 census, the Eckes and Bischler (Beachler) families were living on the same farm in Lewis County, Virginia.


1850 Federal Census, Lewis County, Virginia

Jacob Eckes 40 M Farmer Germany
Catherine 30 F Germany
George P. 9 M Md
Jacob C. 7 M Virginia
John N. 6 M Virginia
Thomas 4 M Virginia
William H. 1 M Virginia

George A. Beachler 62 M Farmer Germany
Hannah 56 F Germany
Henry 18 M Md
Daniel 13 M Md
John 10 M Md

George A. Beachler 26 M Farmer Germany
Margaret 21 F Va
Elizabeth 2 F Va

Frederick Stacel 34 M Farmer Germany
Caroline 23 F Germany
Hannah 6 F Md
Rebecca 4 F Md
John L. 1 M Va

Note: Caroline, wife of Frederick Stacel is thought to be the daughter of George and Hannah Beachler.

1860 Federal Census, Lewis County, Virginia

Jacob Eckes 50 M Farmer Hesse Darmstadt
Mary C. 39 F Hesse Darmstadt
George P. 19 M Maryland
Jacob C. 18 M Virginia
John N. 16 M Virginia
Thomas 12 M Virginia
William H. 10 M Virginia
Mary C. 8 F Virginia
Hannah E. 7 F Virginia

George A. Beachler 38 M Hesse Darmstadt
Margaret 35 M Virginia
Elizabeth 12 F

Daniel Beachler 23 M Hesse Darmstadt
Rubanna 21 F Virginia
Mary E. 2 F Virginia

George A. Beachler 73 M Hesse Darmstadt
Harriet 50 F Virginia

John F. Stazebl 45 M Farmer Saxony
Caroline 35 F Hesse Darmstadt
Hannah E. 16 F Maryland
Ann R. 14 F Maryland
John L. 11 M Maryland
Laura C. 8 F Maryland
Alice 6 F Maryland
Eatin 4 F Maryland
Jacob 2 M Maryland
Mary O. 1 F Virginia
Christopher 74 M Saxony


1) The birth place of Daniel Beachler in Hesse-Darmstadt in the 1860 census is inconsistent as he and older brother Henry are listed in the 1850 census as being born in Maryland. However, it is entirely possible that he could have been born in Hesse-Darmstadt in 1837 and the Bischler family could have arrived in America in that time frame.

2) John F. Stazebl, shown above in the 1860 census was listed in the 1850 census as Frederick Stacel. Carolina, his wife, is thought to be the daughter of George and Hannah Beacher as she was born in Hesse-Darmstadt.

3) The children of John F. Stazebl from John L. to Jacob are listed as being born in Maryland in the 1860 census. However, John L. Stacel is shown in the 1850 census as born in Virginia.

4) Christopher Stazebl is assumed to be the father of John F. Stazbel.

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

Information complied by William Sheridan Eckess, Jr.

John N. Eckes was born 8 May 1844 in Lewis County, VA to Jacob and Mary Catherine Beachler Eckes. He was the third son to serve in the Federal Army during the Civil War. His older brothers George Peter (Quartermasters Corps) and Jacob C. (Private, 10th WV Volunteer Infantry, Company D) served with distinction. Jacob C. Eckes was wounded 13 October 1864 at Strasburg, VA where he served under General Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley campaign.

John N. Eckes enlisted in Company E, 47th Ohio Infantry 1 October 1861 as a Private at Weston, VA. His description recorded in his service records are: Age, 18; height, 5 ft. 6 in.; complexion, dark; eyes, dark; hair, dark; occupation, farmer. After serving gallantly in the charge of the “volunteer storming party” 22 May 1863 and the capture of Vicksburg, MS, on 3 August 1863 he was granted a 30 day furlough “by order of General Grant”.

After Vicksburg he fought under General Sherman at Chattanooga, Bear Creek, Tuscumbia, Ringgold, Tunnel Hill, Mission Ridge and Knoxville. On 1 January 1864 at Larkinsville, AL, John N. Eckes reenlisted for 3 years as a Private veteran, and was now listed as 5 ft., 7 1/2 in. and still dark (eyes, hair and complexion). In early 1864, John N. Eckes fought at Resaca, Dallas, New Hope Church and Allatoona Hills. During June 1864, he was at the assaults on Kenesaw Mountain, Nickajack Creek, Ruff’s Mills, Chattahoochie River. On 22 July 1864, his war ended at the Battle of Atlanta where he was seriously wounded by gun shot to both legs.

John N. Eckes spent the next year in five hospitals recovering from these wounds. On 18 July 1865, he was discharged from the Army hospital at Camp Dennison, OH. He carried a bullet (minnie ball) in his left leg as long as he lived.

On 17 August 1870 in Clarksburg, WV, Elizabeth A. Smith and John N. Eckes were married. John became a Methodist minister and continued as a farmer. In about 1893, John and Elizabeth along with their five children moved to a settlement near Baker, Oklahoma where they had a farm and he was a minister.

John N. Eckes died 20 April 1912 in Cushing, OK and was buried at Union Graham cemetery Winfield, KS 23 April 1912. His grave site was verified by Mr. Charles E. Chambers of the Medal of Honor Historical Society on 11 May 1998 and a MOH marker was placed at his grave site in a well attended ceremony.


The Lineage

1. Johann ECKES – b. 1624 Wallhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt – d. 17 Sep 1723 in Walhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt

2. Nicolaus ECKES – b. 1671Wallhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt – d. 1 Dec 1751 in Walhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt – m. Maria Barbara FUNK in 1700

3. Johann Paul ECKES – b. 1701Wallhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt – d. 6 May 1737

4. Johann Nicolaus ECKES – b. 22 Jan 1731/32 Wallhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt – d. 25 Nov 1815 Wallhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt – m. A. Kathi ECKART

5. Michel ECKES – b. Wallhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt – d. 22 Nov 1788 Wallhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt -m. 1 Feb 1779 Anna Maria WEBER – d. 21Nov1804 Wallhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt

6. Petri ECKES b. 4 Apr 1780 Wallhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt – d. 13 Jun 1857 Wallhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt – m. 1 Nov 1807 Catharina SCHMITZ b. 20 Jan 1780 Wallhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt -d. 4 Jan 1836 Wallhausen, Hesse-Darmstadt

7. Jacobus ECKES – b. 24 Sep 1809 Hesse-Darmstadt – d. 5 Jul 1888 Fall River, KS – m. 19 Oct 1840 Mary Catherine BISCHLER – b. abt 1821 Hesse-Darmstadt – d. abt 1904 Fall River, KS

8. Jacob Christian ECKESS – b. 15 Sep 1842 Lewis Cnty, VA – d. 16 Mar 1927 Dinsmore, FL – m. Lucy HENDERSON – b. abt 1843 Lewis Cnty, VA – d. 16 Jan 1913 Jacksonville, FL

9. Mary (Mollie) Florede ECKESS – b. 4 Jul 1875 Upshur Cnty, WV – d. 12 Jan 1933 – m. Edward C. JONES, Sr. – b. 10 Nov 1872 Hartford Cnty, MD – d. Sep 1939 Fairmont, WV

10. Edward C. JONES, Jr. – b. 5 Mar 1899 Hambleton, WV – d. 31 Dec 1978 Sarasota, FL – m. Laura Jane HENDERSON – b. 3 Jan 1915 Fairmont, WV – d. 12 Oct 1986 Fairmont, WV

11. David Henderson JONES, Sr. – m. Mary Thelma MAY

12. David Henderson JONES, Jr.


Eckes Family Genealogy Reports

Petri Eckes

Jacobus Eckes

Jacob C. Eckess

Mary F. Eckess

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