The Caldwell Family

of Lunenburg County, Virginia

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John and Margaret Caldwell immigrated to America about 1727 from the North of Ireland, arriving in Newcastle, Delaware and settling thereafter at Chestnut Level, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

John Caldwell, an elder in the Donegal Presbytery, was involved in the concerns of the Church for civil and religious liberty of the Scots Irish settling west of the Blue Ridge in Virginia as the policy of the established Church of England was to impede the intrusion of “dissenters” into that colony, despite the Toleration Act of 1689.

At the meeting of Donegal Presbytery on April 11, 1738, John Caldwell presented a petition for favor and encouragement of the settlers in the “back parts” of Virginia and this supplication was adopted by the Synod of Philadelphia as an appeal to the Virginia Colonial Governor and Council.

On May 30, 1738, the Synod of Philadelphia wrote:

“To the honourable William Gooch, Esquire, Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Virginia, the humble address of the Presbyterian ministers convened in Synod, May 28, 1738, &c. May it please your honour, we take leave to address you in behalf of a considerable number of our brethren who are meditating a settlement in the remote parts of your government, and are of the same persuasion with the Church of Scotland. We thought it our duty to acquaint your honour with their design, and to ask your favour in allowing them the liberty of their consciences, and of worshipping God in a way agreeable to the principles of their education. Your honour is sensible that those of our profession in Europe have been remarkable for their inviolable attachment to the Protestant succession, in the illustrious house of Hanover, and have upon all occasions manifested an unspotted fidelity to our gracious sovereign King George, and we doubt not but these our brethren will carry the same loyal principles to the most distant settlements where their lot may be cast, which will ever influence them to the most dutiful submission to the government which is placed over them. This we trust will recommend them to your honour’s countenance and protection, and merit the free enjoyment of their civil and religious liberties. We pray for the Divine blessing upon your person and government, and beg leave to subscribe ourselves your honour’s most humble and obedient servants.”

The Virginia House of Burgesses, on November 1, 1738 wrote into law the Act establishing Frederick and Augusta Counties out of Orange County territory west of the Blue Ridge, thereby facilitating a new religious policy for the Scots Presbyterians settling in that region.

Thus, John Caldwell was instrumental in achieving religious freedom for the rugged Scots Presbyterians migrating west of the Blue Ridge Mountains into hostile Indian Country, and soon thereafter relocated his own family to this distant frontier. He first settled on Buck Mountain and about 1742 became the leader of the Cub Creek Settlement in Lunenburg County. After John Caldwell passed away in 1750, a number of his descendants moved to South Carolina and others relocated to the Tinkling Spring Congregation in Augusta County, Virginia. Ann Caldwell, the great granddaughter of John and Margaret Caldwell married James Henderson in Augusta County and by this means entered the Caldwell’s into my family tree.


The Lineage

1. John CALDWELL b. Scotland – d. 1639 Londonderry, Ireland – m. 1627 Mary SWEETINHEM Londonderry, Ireland

2. John CALDWELL b. bef. 16 Sep 1630 – interred 20 Jun 1692 Ballyoogan, County Donegal, Ireland – m. 6 Jun 1654 Mary HOLMES Londonderry – d. 18 Sep 1691 Ballyoogan, County Donegal, Ireland

3. Joseph CALDWELL b. bef. 9 Jan 1657/1658 – d. abt. 3 Sep 1730 Lifford Parish, Ballyoogan, County Donegal, Ireland – m. 5 May 1682 Jane MCGHIE

4. John CALDWELL b. 1683 Lifford Parish, Ballyoogan, County Donegal, Ireland – d. 6 Oct 1750 Cub Creek, Lunenburg, VA – m. 4 Jan 1703/1704 Margaret PHILLIPS in Ireland

5. David CALDWELL b. abt. 1708 County Donegal, Ireland – d. aft. 1765 Cub Creek Lunenburg Cnty, VA – m. Mary DUDGEON

6. William CALDWELL b. abt. 1752 Cub Creek, Lunenburg, VA – d. bef. 1808 Augusta Cnty, VA – m. Susannah GUNN

7. Ann CALDWELL b. abt. 1770 – m. 1 Mar 1792 James HENDERSON – b. abt 1771 – d. bef 1818 – Augusta Cnty, VA

8. William HENDERSON – b. 07 May 1810 Augusta Cnty, VA – d. 4 Feb 1892 Upshur Cnty, WV – m. 9 Sep 1834 Elizabeth SWISHER – b. 05 Dec 1813 Augusta Cnty, VA – d. 7 Jan 1894 Upshur Cnty, WV

9. Lucy HENDERSON – b. abt 1843 Lewis Cnty, WV – d. 16 Jan 1913 Jacksonville, FL – m. Jacob C. ECKESS – b. 15 Sep 1842 Lewis County, VA – d. 16 Mar 1927 Dinsmore, FL

10. Mollie Florede ECKESS – b. 4 Jul 1875 Upshur County, WV – d. 12 Jan 1933 Stuart, FL – m. Edward C. JONES, Sr. – b. 10 Nov 1872 Hartford County, MD – d. Sep 1939 Fairmont, WV

11. Edward C. JONES, Jr. – b. 5 Mar 1899 Hambleton,WV – d. 31 Dec 1978 Sarasota, FL – m. Laura Jane HENDERSON – b. 3 Jan 1915 Fairmont, WV – d. 12 Oct 1986 Fairmont, WV

12. David Henderson JONES, Sr. – m. Mary Thelma MAY

13. David Henderson JONES, Jr.


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