The Allison Family

of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

The Allison Family Teapot
At the beginning of my search of the family tree, information in hand on the Allison family was quite limited. In fact, all I had were a few lines written on a note found in an old teapot and some additional pencilled notes from my grandmother, Pauline Null Henderson. This data has provided the basis on which I am now researching Allison families in Lanacaster County in order to discover the identity of the father of Emily Allison, who was born about 1813. Joseph Allison appears to be a possibility, although I have not made the connection as yet. In any case, this task remains one of my primary genealogical goals.

The Allison Family TeapotThe Allison Teapot from above

Genealogy in a Teapot

Here is the text of a handwritten note by Aunt Vera Null Watson (my grandmother Pauline Null Henderson’s sister) found inside an 18th century English tea pot (photographs above). The colorful teapot and note are now in my possession.

“This tea pot came from England in 1794 with the mother of Rebecca Allison. Later given to Rebecca Allison who died June 1, 1882 at the age of 98. Then to her daughter Emily Allison who married David Null. Emily A. died in 1894 and the tea pot went to her son Ashmore P. Null. In May 1928 it came to his daughter Vera Null Watson.”

If Aunt Vera had the dates and ages right, the “tea pot” information indicates that Rebecca was born about 1784. If her mother came to the United States from England in 1794, Rebecca was born in England and was 10 years old when she arrived in the United States. If she married when she was about 20 years old, that would be about 1804. Rebecca married an Allison and became the mother of Emily Allison, who married David Null of Bart Township, Lancaster County.

My other Allison family information was found while reviewing my grandmother Henderson’s notes. On a scrap of paper written in pencil are several names that may be those of Emily’s siblings. Here is the entire text of the note:

Do you remember your grandmother Allison’s name?

  • Rebecca Allison Mother
  • Father’s name unknown
  • George Allison
  • Isabella – Ibby
  • Anne
  • Emily
  • Martha

On the opposite side of the note is a similarly posed question with answers concerning the Null family. Granny had a file of notes that she used in seeking admission to the DAR and she evidently ran into a dead end with the Allison family. The more I look at this note, the more it would appear that these are the children of Rebecca Allison, with Emily listed as the fourth child.

My grandmother’s notes indicated that Rebecca Allison had a second marriage after the passing of her first husband. However, this information indicated that Rebecca’s second husband was surnamed “Miller”, but I could not find any other confirming evidence. Thereafter, I found this interesting tidbit on the Internet:

Marriage By James McFarlan, Esq. on the 22d of Feb. Mr. THOMAS WILSON, to Mrs. REBECCA ALLISON, both of Union township.VILLAGE RECORD March 7, 1827

The Lineage

1. Rebecca (—?—) – b. abt 1784 – d. 1 June 1882 – m. (—?—) ALLISON

2. Emily ALLISON – b. abt 1813 – d. abt 1894 – m. David NULL – b. abt 1803 – d. abt 1887 Lancaster Cnty, PA

3. Ashmore Pusey NULL – b. 16 May 1852 Lancaster Cnty, PA – d. 8 Jul 1940 Fairmont, WV – m. 31 Dec 1880 Laura Ellen MCCARTER – b. 6 Jul 1860 Chester Cnty, PA – d. 28 Sep 1942 Fairmont, WV

4. Ivy Pauline NULL – b. 26 Nov 1885 Christiania, PA – d. Mar 1969 Fairmont, WV – m. Edward Foster HENDERSON – b. 16 Oct 1881 Pocomoke City, MD – d. 20 May 1944 Fairmont, WV

5. Laura Jane HENDERSON, b. 3 Jan 1915 Fairmont, WV d. 12 Oct 1986 Fairmont, WV – m. 1 Jan 1936 Edward C. JONES, Jr. – b. 6 mar 1899 Hambleton, WV – d. 31 Dec 1978 Sarasota, FL

6. David Henderson JONES – m. Mary Thelma MAY

7. David Henderson JONES, Jr.


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