The Eckess Sisters

of Rock Cave, Upshur County, West Virginia


Eckess Sisters - L. to R. Elizabeth Lovenah (Libby), Mary (Mollie), Madge Agatha, Eleanor Nelle
L. to R. Elizabeth Lovenah (Libby), Mary (Mollie), Madge Agatha, Eleanor Nelle

An Excerpt From “Recollections” by Edward C. Jones, Sr.

“It was some months prior to my coming to Davis, that a very attractive and excellent young lady had visited for a number of weeks at the homes of her married sisters, then living at Davis. The older one was Mrs. J. M. Smith, whose husband owned the hardware and furniture business, while the other was the wife of Dr. W. A. J. Brown. Both of these were charming ladies, whose homes were a delight to visit. The name of this young lady was Mollie Florede Eckess, who lived with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Eckess, at Rock Cave, about fifteen miles from Buckhannon, West Virginia. Mollie then was about twenty-one years old. She had been graduated from the college at Buckhannon. Upon her previous visit, she had been very popular in the society of some of the best young people of Davis. Many had offered jests, that as her two sisters had married a Smith and a Brown, that she should look for a Jones. After I arrived at Davis, I did not know of Miss Eckess, or of any such conversation. However, I later learned that Mr. John F. Getty wrote to her, and told her he knew of a Jones, and advised her to come again to Davis as soon as convenient.

It must have been about September 1st, 1896, that one day I was near the front of the store, when I noticed Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Brown, and another attractive young lady coming across the street to the front of the store. I also noticed that one of them carried a large paper bag. As they reached the front of our doorway, this large bag was dropped, and had split, spilling roasted peanuts on the sidewalk I went to their assistance and produced another good paper bag, and helped in gathering up the peanuts. Incidentally, I was introduced to Mollie. The following Sunday afternoon, a number of us were invited to come to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Heironimus, which was only a few doors from Mrs. Smith’s home. There were several girls in the Heironimus family, including Ada and Eva, who were twin sisters, Mollie and others were present. A suggestion was soon made that we take a walk to Black Water Falls, which was some two miles away, but which afforded much opportunity for young people to get better acquainted, if not “spoon” a bit. When we started on the walk Eva said, “Of course, Mr. Jones, you will walk with me.” In order to be gallant, as seemed to be expected of me, I walked with her to the falls. But after arriving there and seeing Mollie, I gave her much attention, and forgetting all about Eva, I walked home with Mollie. Incidentally with this walk, it seemed that to make a call on Mollie, at Mrs. Smith’s home that evening would not be a bad idea, and so began a lovely courtship, and many were the enjoyable evenings spent, both at Mrs. Smith’s and at Mrs. Brown’s homes.

The result was, as might have been very easily surmised, at the end of a little more than six weeks, we were engaged to be married.”


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