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While I have enjoyed a life long interest in American history, I have only become involved with genealogy over the past few years. In this endeavor, I have been greatly aided by family books such as Recollections written by my grandfather Edward C. Jones, Sr., Jones, Richardson, Duhamel and Allied Families of Maryland written by Laura Jones Thompson, and the handwritten notes of my maternal grandmother, Pauline Null Henderson.

Through the wonderful medium of the Internet, I have found many new “cousins” far and wide and we have shared the knowledge that was handed down in various branches of our families. I have learned much from them to increase my understanding and appreciation of our common ancestors and their participation in the rich tapestry of American history. It is this journey through time that makes the study of genealogy so fascinating for me.

Please take a look at the listed family surnames and the data that I have collected on each family. If you are interested in acquiring more information or perhaps have genealogical data that will aid our research, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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Those Who Answered The Call To Arms
In Time Of War . . .


The Family Honor Roll

Tenth West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Sixth Maryland Volunteer Infantry Regiment




Those Who Crossed The Sea . . .


Original Immigrants




Family Stories

We have been blessed over the years with possession of both oral and written family history that has been handed down from generation to generation. Through research a number of documents have been found to expand our ancestral knowledge and verify certain events. From this history and supporting data an interesting personal story often emerges to shed new light upon the lives and times of our ancestors.

Hugh Jones
The Battle of North Point
War of 1812
Jacob C. Eckes
Civil War Experiences
10th West Virginia Inf. Regt.
Cornelia Touchstone Jones
Christmas Joy
At Grey Rock Farm
James Touchstone
Civil War Experiences
6th Maryland Inf. Regt.
Hugh Andrew Jones
Raising A Family of Gentlemen
Virginia Ann Owens
The Elopement
The Eckess Sisters
Marrying Smith, Brown and Jones
Cliff and Mollie’s Wedding
She Married A Jones
David R. Foster
A Fatal Stabbing
Edward C. Jones, Jr.
Operating Station W8SP
Cornelia Alice Touchstone
A Letter Written When 16 y.o.
Great Grandfather Eckess
The Gettysburg Cannon Ball




Family Photo Album

Included in this album are photos from over the years of loved ones, many now gone. While this may be of limited genealogical interest to most visitors to this page, these family members are my personal link to the past and I would be remiss not to present them in this manner.



My Father and My Grandfathers

These are the men who have had, directly and indirectly, the greatest influence on my life. My Dad was the finest man I have ever had the privilege to know and was a gentleman in every sense of the word. My Grandfather Jones passed away before my birth and my Grandfather Henderson died when I was quite young. Thus, I never really knew either of my grandfathers, but both set standards and lived their lives in such a way as to be a good example to a young man growing up.

Edward C. Jones, Jr.

Edward C. Jones, Sr.

Edward F. Henderson


Our family tree started out as a seedling and is now growing into a fine tree with strong branches reaching skyward. While I have been able to identify many ancestors, there are still years of continuing research ahead to find missing links and insure accuracy with proper documentation.

The data presented on this genealogical web site is generally documented and those details lacking complete documentation are at least based on supporting circumstantial evidence. But the search goes on and I expect that you will find many changes and enhancements to the data presented on these pages as time goes by.




Family Research

Lancaster County, Pensylvannia
Somerset County, Maryland
Lewis County, (West) Virginia
Lunenburg County, Virginia
Somerset County, Maryland
Kent County, Delaware
Lewis County, (West) Virginia
Sussex County, Delaware
Worcester County, Maryland
Augusta County, Virginia
Worcester County, Maryland
Harford County, Maryland
Cecil County, Maryland
Chester County, Pennsylvania
Chester County, Pennsylvania
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Cecil County, Maryland
Chester County, Pennsylvania
Lewis County, (West) Virginia
Cecil County, Maryland



Family Genealogy Reports




David H. Jones Website

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